// Atelier Sept Jour // Seven Day Studios


// ATELIER SEPT JOUR or // SEVEN DAY STUDIOS embodies the activities of the everyday human, while simultaneously symbolizing the cyclic nature of a week and the individuality of a day. An assemblage of thoughts birthed from the concept of the 7 day cycle. 

Originating as Sept Jour, the idea was first conceived as a reflection of our fascination with “streetwear" and its growing impact on modern culture. Inspiration was sourced from the desire to transition from the role of the consumer to the creator, in 2017. 

Both multi-faceted and multi-purposed, garments are a reflection of emotional state, and are worn with intent. In a culture that lacks autonomy and control, how one chooses to physically project themselves unto wandering eyes, is perhaps the most deliberate choice we can make.

Indivisible by simple equation, odd by nature. 

SEVEN DAY STUDIOS: Its not that serious.

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